Tournament rules

This page contains a detailed overview of the rules applicable to the Bergen Football Cup 2019. We recommend all participating teams and coaches to carefully review the tournament rules.

1. Game rules

Bergen Football Cup is played according to the FIFA and NFF rules except for the changes set forth in the tournament rules.

2. Tournament Form

For the Bergen Football Cup all clubs are welcome. The only requirement is that the club is registered with their country’s FIFA-approved football federation.

2.1 All teams must prove that all players are insured through the national football federation.

2.2 Teams are divided into groups of four or five teams, all meeting one another in a single series. The following criteria apply to the promotion: Victory gives 3 points, draw 1 point and loss gives 0 points. If two or more ends on the same score, the following criteria apply:

1. Goal difference

2. Most scored goals
3. Matches

4. Penalty park, ifr. FIFA Rules

2.3 Final Games
The two best-placed teams in each group go to A-slot game, the other go to the B-game. The final bet is settled as a cup in which one is knocked out of the tournament at a loss. Completed matches in the playoffs are settled with a penalty shootout, jfr. FIFA rules. Starting quarterly, there are 2 × 5 minutes extra rounds before a possible penalty shootout by draw.

All matches in all classes are played as football.

3. Class

  • Boys 13 – boys born 1 / 1-2006 or later
  • Boys 14 – boys born 1 / 1-2005 or later
  • Boys 15 – boys born 1/1/2004 or later
  • Boys 16 – boys born 1/1-2003 or later
  • Boys 17 boys born 1 / 1- 2002 or later
  • Girls 13 – girls born 1 / 1- 2006 or later
  • Girls 15 – girls born 1 / 1- 2004 or later
  • Girls 17 – girls born 1 / 1- 2002 or later

New for Bergen Football Cup in 2019 is ​Starteam​​ from 16 years and up. Classes are divided after registration. There will be a separate letter about this a little later.

4. Playing time

  • Classes 13 and 14 years – 2 × 30 min
  • Classes 15 – 17 years – 2 × 30 mins
  • A-play all 2 × 30 mins

5. Number of players and invitation

5.1 A team can use up to 18 players in a match . That is, 11 players on the pitch and available 7 substitutes. Players who are replaced may come back to the field. Player replacement can only be done by contacting the referee when there is a stop in the game. All exchanges shall take place at the center line, the dividend player must have left the course before replacing comes in. Violation will lead to yellow card.

5.2 It is allowed for a player from the same club to participate in multiple teams in the tournament, but not in the same class. Such players must be registered on the player lists for the teams to attend. There is a maximum limit of 24 players per. layer.

6. Alternative play / player overview

All teams must provide an overview of the players to participate in the team. All players must be legitimized using photo identification such as passports, credit cards, etc.

7. Dispensations

7.1 There may be a dispensation for 1 piece per year on each team. It is assumed that the player has received an approved dispensation in his / her own circuit. Approval must be available on request. Bergen Fotcupcup wishes mainly that the teams relate to pure cohort. This also applies to foreign teams applying the 1st August rule.

7.2 Girls can play in the boys class. Provided that the age regulation rules are followed.

8. Camping details

8.1 Team Layout and the teams statement

  • shall be displayed on the tournament’s own court card and given to the referee before each match.
  • The player’s shirt number must match the referee card.
  • Everyone on the court card is considered to have played the match.
  • Samples will be conducted to reveal mismatches between court cards and players.

8.2 Game races

  • All game races must be unique and match the jury card.
  • The numbering should be on the back of the suit.
  • In the event of a collision collision (for similar colors), the team is required to swap suits or use vests.

8.3 Matches

  • All players must be on the pitch and be playable 15 minutes before the match. All players must be insured.
  • All players must have leg protection.
  • Teams are responsible for the supporters’ behavior.
  • The team leader will confirm the match results and any expulsions immediately after the match. Failure to sign up with a court card will be reported to the tournament management.

8.4 Balls
Class B13, B14, G13 plays with 4er balls. The other classes use 5er balls.

9. Referees

The referees are authorized by the Norwegian Football Association. In the following matches we use assistant referees:

  • A-final (sluttspill) in all classes
  • The final in the B-game

10. Jury

A tournament will consist of representatives appointed by the organizer club. The jury’s task is to treat all incoming protests. The jury’s decisions are final and can not be overcome.

11. Protests and rules

11.1 Protests shall be delivered in writing to the secretary of the responsible team leader within 90 minutes after the relevant match has been terminated. Protest fee kr. 500, – to be paid at the same time as filing a protest. The protest fee is refunded if the protest is taken. Protests against judgments will not be processed.

11.2 Expulsions and warnings
The expelled player must automatically stand over the next match. This applies regardless of whether the next match is a cup match or a match.
Tournament management can also provide stricter penalties based on how serious the offence was.

Warnings (yellow cards) are not taken further in the tournament.

Very serious expulsions can be reported to the player’s football circuit, for foreign players directed to the national football federation.

NB:​​ If a team uses a banned player, the team is penalized for a lost match and 0-3 as a result.

12. Walkover and cancel match

12.1 Teams who fail to play can lose the match with 0-3 by decision of the match jury. In case of repeated delays, teams can be excluded from the tournament. The tournament jury may decide that a team will be excluded after a failure only if there are special reasons behind it.

12.2 If a match must be interrupted and not completed, it is up to the jury to decide whether the match is to be played again from start or whether it will continue from the time it was interrupted or the result in the match is to be determined or whether one or both team loses the match with 0-3.

13. Courses

All courses have artificial turf.

14. Match program

The tournament management reserves the right to change in the match layout with regard to group division, which times and courses the matches are to be played on. All changes will be sent to the team’s contact person.

15. Arranger

Gubbelaget Varegg in collaboration with Varegg Football.