Fields used during the tournament

november 18, 2017

Bergen Fotballcup takes full advantage of the Bergen City Railroad (Bybane). With it, it is possible to travel easily and quickly between the different field locations.

The different fields used are: Møhlenpris, Krohnsminde, Nymark (2), Paradise, Slettebakken, Slåtthaug, Nesttun Idrettspark (2) and Sandsli.

The final will be played at Stemmemyren Stadium,with its brand new stadium facility, tribune and state of the art artificial turf. Here you can play football regardless of the weather – the field will perform equally good. At the moment, the city rail does not reach Stemmemyren, but it is only a short bus ride away from the city center. (Busses to Stemmemyren – No 3,4,5,83)